Vortex potting soil by Lady Bug. Opinions?


First timer here. Any opinions on this potting soil I just transplanted a w.r. Into this soil 2 days ago. I’m 4 weeks in veg, not sure if it’s a bad time to transplant or not, too late if it is. The reason for the transplant was bc I was having ph issues with the miracle gro, not sure if it was the soil bc I’m having the same issue with the new soil. Ph is at around 8. The leaves are starting to twist a little and leaves look a little droopy. I have been watering with distilled h20 with a ph of 5.5. I have not noticed any yellowing on leaves YET! I know a transplant can cause stress but the twisting of the leaves was an issue before as well as the leaves drooping. I’ve heard of flushing soil but the plant was just watered yesterday and I would want to kill the plant from overwatering. Any help will do guys. Thanks a bunch in advance.

Sorry there are no pics right now. I’m at work I’ll try and post some later when I get home.


Cfl grow

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  • ladybug potting soil for cannabis
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