Indoor Grow Diaries : Skunk #1 and Mr. Nice – G13 x Hash Plant


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Subject: Skunk #1 and Mr. Nice – G13 x Hash Plant
Posted: 17April2013 at 07:11

Hey guys!

I know I’ve been scarce from the forums, but I’ve just moved, started spring quarter of school, and I’m finishing the basement, etc…

All of the seedlings are doing great. I wound up getting a 9/10 germination rate on the Skunk #1, and 10/10 from the Mr. Nice G13 x Hash Plant.

The G13xHP are doing better than the Skunk #1 in terms of germination rate and growth rate. They even look a little better. The Skunk #1 seedlings all seem to have a mutation that causes the leaves to curl. I’d say it was my substrate if the curling weren’t on any of the other 5 cultivars. I even have another Sensi cultivar (G13xHP) that doesn’t have that problem. I also have Dinafems’ Critical+, Blim Burns’ AK Auto, Positronics’ Super Cheese Auto, and Female Seeds’ White Widow x Big Bud;  none of which have the “derp leaf” problem (as my girlfriend calls it), despite all seeds being in the same substrate, being fed the same diet.

The Skunk #1’s are numbered 1-9, as the G13xHP are labeled 1-10. So far, all the best performers come from the G13xHP cultivar, with #8 taking the lead (PLEASE be a female!).

They sat in the cups about a week too long, so they got slightly rootbound. No big deal, I transplanted them into 1-gallon pots, And this weekend they’ll be going into 5-gallon pots.

I mixed up a bunch of dirt to show you guys, for the 1-gallon pots. I had a bunch leftover to start my outdoor garden, too! %3c3coving%3c20it

The mix is:
8 cu.ft. of Royal Gold TUPUR mix (4 bags)
1 cu.ft of Roots Organics MARINE GREEN (1 bag)
.5 cu.ft of General Hydroponics ANCIENT FOREST (1 bag)
about 2 lbs. of Dolomite Lime
10 C. of Alfalfa Meal
12 C. of Fish Bone Meal
6 C. of Kelp Meal

Stick around and I’ll keep you updated when the basement is finished. It’s been cleaned and bleached, and is waiting for paint. For now, enjoy the pictures.

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  • g13 x hash plant avis
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  • sensi seeds grow diary
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