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Hi guys, I know this is going to sound like a really newbie question..

I recently just bought a vapor pen. The chamber consists of two wicks inside the vaporizing chamber and it uses a liquid is how its sold. Its the new vape pens they are selling everywhere for flavored nicotine. Its called an e Go.. i hope I am explaining myself correctly and the guy at the shop said I should by a different chamber if i want to use it for full melts and hashes.. So What I am wondering without buying that other chamber… is there a certain type hash oil i can buy that has the consistiency of the flavor nicotine bottles they sell in stores or can I add something to the hash oil to make it more liquid form because right now my problem is i have to submerge the vapor unit in hot water to turn it into a liquid before i can vape it becuase it hardens way to quickly to vape it. I bought a

ECF Sativa Hash Oil # 30 *THC 73.6%* CBD 3.1% and the description was this…

Sativa……NO BHO….this is a food grade extract that’s SOLVENT FREE. Make your own edibles… ….

what I am wondering is if i should have bought something called Nternal Glycerine Tincture instead? please help this newbie out who just wants to vape instead of smoking anymore so i can let me lungs get some much needed rest. and also is there such a thing that i can attach to my vape pen in order to vape dry bud… i see a place sells it but i really wonder if it would work. thanks for any help.

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