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HIGH TIMES takes it to the peaks, blazing up smoke shacks from coast to coast with our own smoking/shredding team. This time around, we hit the stony slopes with Bataleon team snowboarder Mark “Deadlung” Edlund. On a snowy June day, we chilled on a lift in the Rockies, speaking about the parallels between snowboarding and smoking. As we got higher, the only thing that felt better than the light snowfall was the Sour Diesel joint we passed back and forth during our session.

So, Mark, who gave you the nickname Deadlung”?

I got my name from some guys that worked at my local skate/snow shop. Back in the day, I used to hook them up with some good trees and take tubes with them. One day white tak­ing tubes, one of my friends was Like, “Edlund? More like Deadlung!” They were stoked a 16­year-old kid was clearing the snaps like nothin’, and then, of course, they soon realized that “dead” rhymes with the first part of my last name—and fromthere on out, I was Deadlung.

Stoners Snowboarding 101 - 01How long have you been get­ting ripped?

It’s my 10-year anniversary this year!!

In most of your videos, You shred more urban sur-roundings than big mountains.


I grew up skateboard­ing, so when I switched from skiing to snowboarding, I always found myself trying to emulate the kind of shit you could do on a skateboard.

With a nickname like Deadlung and a limited-edition snowboard with a big bud on the bottom of it, weed seems to be a big part of your life. What is one of Your favorite memories regarding the great plant? I would say the first time i snowboarded ripped—that day was amazing! 1 learned a couple new tricks that day, fo’ sho’ Being high allowed me to look at things from a different angle that i wasn’t seeing before. From that day on, it was just part of shredding for me.

Stoners Snowboarding 101 - 02What’s Your favorite thing to shred stoned?

Powder on a stormy day—all dark and mist, with no one around because it’s such shitty weather and it snowing and windy as heli. That way, your tracks fill in every run. l definitely step my weed game up on those days. Nothing’s better than being way baked riding epic pow-and you can never be too stoned to ride powder.

You do a tot of traveling the world filming videos. What are some of your favorite bud fla­vors that you’ve tasted? The best strain I’ve come across was called LA Confi­dential. We were at a premier in Humboldt County, and this homie gave me a whole ounce of it for free! The crazy part was, we only had lwo days left of the tour. Let’s just say all our lungs were torn up by the end of that trip. When it breaks down, though, my real favorite is any sort of Diesel: Sour Diesel, Cotton Candy Diesel, Diesel, Diesel, Diesel—i love that shit. The strong aroma and taste you get? Nothing compares,

Look for Deadlung doing some cameos in new shred videos coming out this year, including Boz- Wreck 2 [which, fittingly, features a joint on the cover). You can also check out his crazy urban-style shredding on his websites, (only registered users can se the link, login or register)and (only registered users can se the link, login or register)


Stoners Snowboarding 101 - 03With all this talk about smoking and snowboarding, HIGH TIMES thought it only fitting that we put together our own team of riders and head out to hit the stopes in search of the ultimate stoner smoke shacks.

Big or small, smoke shacks are a part of every mountain’s terrain and coun­terculture. They provide a common ptace for snowboarders and skiers to come together and take a break from the mountain weather, to puff down and relax before getting back to business. Atso, some of the best nuggets Stoners Snowboarding 101 - 8we’ve ever been handed have come from a fetlow smoker in some shack hidden on the side of a mountain resort.

This trip was no different. Stacked with a couple ounces of Sling and Chemdog and a badass crew of snowboarders, we went from shack to shack, resort to resort. We matched bowls, bongs and whatever else we could find to smoke out of with tocats and fellow stoners, trying to get the scoop on these secret hemp havens.

Stoners Snowboarding 101 - 04You’ll rarely just roll up on a smoke shack unless you wander out of bounds. Most of the folks that buitd these places create them fora core group of friends and spread the location by word of mouth, in order to keep them from getting torn down by the ski patrol or compromised by not-so­friendly authorities. So, with respect to the builders and stoners who enjoy these havens, we can only hope you’tl be as tucky as us and find some kind locals to take you to a few of these amazing shacks, which can be found on ski slopes across the country.

The first time we went out, we were taken to a bunch of shacks that looked more like huts. These were built halfway into the ground and con­structed using smatt trees and branches from the surrounding area. One of the huts had a Log rail built into the roof that ran over the doorway of the shack, allowing some people to get ripped inside white others hit the rait just above their heads. After a proper “safety meeting,” the team tined up to hit the narrow rail feature, which was tucked in between the tight trees.

On our second trip, we saw a few places that have to be considered among the crown jewels c smoke shacks. Actually, I don’t know if catting them “smoke shacks.‘ does them justice: People pay thousands of dottars for apartments that aren’t anywhere near as well-built. Rumor has it that these masterpieces were created by a grout of framing Stoners Snowboarding 101 - 05carpenters who decided to put up shacks so nicely designed that nobody would want to tear them down.

The shack that we were taken to was two sto ries lall and about 1,000 square feet inside. The muttipte rooms had been decorated and tagged by various guests over the years: You could find scrawls from places as far-ftung as Europe and Australia carved and painted onto the walls. In one of the rooms, there was a speaker system with a cord that allowed you to plug in your iPod while chitting, After another proper “safety meet­ing,” the Stoners Snowboarding 101 - 7crew got back to work trying to one-up each other with tricks they coutd pull off this epic smoke hut. The guys launched off the roof pulling method airs and 180s.

On the second day of the trip, we were taken to a structure that was built about 20 feet in the air between a few trees. It looked like something out of Ewok Village in Star Wars. In order to get into the shack, you had to climb up a bunch of two-by-fours lhat were nailed between two of the trees supporting the structure. Once you reached the top, you were treated to an amazing view that took in the entire valtey. At first, we didn’t think we’d be able to fit att our guys up there, so we broke up Stoners Snowboarding 101 - 06into two teams to take turns catching a buzz in that insane “uttimate smoke tower.” Like the one the previous day, this shack was tagged up and decorated with old snowboards and skis to give it a feel and a vibe lhat I’ve never come across in all my years of snowboarding.

On the last day of our trip, we took il a littte easy and decided to hit up the smoke shack that our tour guide had built with a couple of friends over the summer. He said that it had taken them about two weeks to build, with handsaws, naits and some good chronic. “I got jealous of atl these other places, so we decided to make our own,” he told us. “Other than our local crew, you’re the only peeps that we’ve brought to it. It may not be the biggest or baddest, but it’s ours, and we rock the shit out of it.”

If you’re a stoner snowboarder or skier, smoke shacks are a part of your day on the slopes. There’s atways the “ganjola” and the lifts, but nothing compares to riding up to a proper smoke shack and sharing a phatty in comfort with some friends. So keep the smoke signals coming, and maybe one day you’tl find our team rolling up to twist one with you!—BC


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