Legal commercial growing

  • 4. October 2013

I am from Washington, and as you probably know we just passed I-502 on marijuana reform. This November, the state will be accepting applications by businesses to grow marijuana for sale in Washington, and a friend and I (with some backers) are thinking of applying to grow commercially. While we are lovers of marijuana, we have not had any experience growing it. Most of the FAQs and growing advice that I have seen on this forum (found through The Cannabis Grow Bible – which I am still reading) have plenty of advice for personal grows, but a lot of it seems to do with growing in a way to avoid being caught. I am trying to compile information on the best way to grow a large amount of the plants at once, and would be very grateful if anyone here has any advice or tips.

We have access to greenhouses which were previously used for a nursery, and plenty of fertilizer and planting supplies (so I think that we may go for dirt growing as opposed to hydroponics). The greenhouses have growing areas of 30x95ft and humidity controls (though no air flow controls – the doors are usually just opened to allow air flow). Buds produced this way are estimated (by the state) to be sold at around $3/gram by us to sellers, so we are going to try for the most robustly growing plants that we can (still looking into which seeds/clones to buy).

Basically, I am still reading through the (extensive) FAQ on this site and Cannabis Grow Bible but would really appreciate it if anyone with experience in large grows or outdoor greenhouse grows has any advice that would be unlikely to be found elsewhere.

Thanks for your time 🙂
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