Turn your closet in to are Bud Factory


Your plants will need an additional week in the vegging chamber for the ScrOG method because they’ll need more time to fill out. By trimming lower branches that don’t fall within a light’s optimal range for growth, you also force your plants to di­vert all their energy into the best buds.

Some advanced growers even do little tricks like chopping big fan leaves in half so they’ll still produce energy but take up less space. Obviously, this opens your plant to mold and dis­ease, so the utmost cleanliness is necessary.

Under the most efficient setup, small-wattage lights can be just as effective as larger ones due to the density of growth. You’ll have something that looks like a leggy, alien plant with its head trapped in a fishing net, but you’ll also end up with a stash composed entirely of the nicest colas.


Once it’s time to take down your closet crop, your flowering room can double as a drying chamber for the week or so before your next round of rooted cuttings or vegged seedlings are ready to start their 12/12 cycle. Simply turn off the grow light, put up some string or coat hangers from which to hang your trimmed colas, and keep the air flowing out.

Avoid running any fans directly onto the buds, because this will cause them to dry out too soon. Once the outsides of your nuggets are crispy and the stems crack instead of bending, jar up your buds for their final cure. Burp the jars at least once a day to rid them of any excess moisture that builds up until the humidity in them levels out. At this point, you’ll be ready to start enjoying the fruits of your labors…

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