Beginners Guide To Pollen


He then proceeded to tell me about a machine that he’d bought online and, after undertaking a bit of research myself, I was totally sold on the concept.

The Pollinator is basically a dry sifting machine that looks like a plastic box with a rotating drum inside and a motor at one end. The drum is made from screen mate­rial and acts like an automatic sifter. You put between 100-200 grams of plant material into the drum turn on the motor and leave it for a few minutes, the kief falls through the drum and collects in the box below. Much easier than sifting by hand for hours!

Pollen 03Once you’ve collected your kief, you can sprinkle it straight into a joint or into a bong, if you’ve collected enough then you’ll want to press it into pollen to make it easy to store. Mini hash presses are cheap and widely available from all good head shops. If you’re a cheapskate, why not wrap a few grams of kief in some cling film and place it inside your shoe? After a few hours of walk­ing you’ll have pressed it yourself!

Next month we’ll look at water extrac­tion methods.

Happy collecting!


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