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Subject: New fellow!
Posted: 22July2014 at 17:33

Hello Funfromfin

Your account is now valid, Welcome to our Forum!!!

Is your space 2mx2m or 2m2?

If you have 2mx2m, one 400W HPS might not be enough, for a 1m long x1m large x 2m tall you’ll be just fine.

Now if you’re growing Indoor, strains choice is not really a problem, keeping good growing conditions is.

IMHO, Skunk#1 is a really easy plant to grow, perfect for first time growers, just as Super Skunk, Sensi Skunk, California Indica and Hindu Kush.

Now regarding a “big” harvest, as a first time grower don’t expect too much quantity for a first time, because obviously you’ll make mistakes as its a first time, we all did we still do sometimes.

Your should start a grow diary, so this way the other members could help you step by step.

Good Luck.

Charly Sensi.
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