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Willie Nelson Regular Seeds

Willie Nelson is an f1 hybrid between Vietnamese Black and Highland Nepalese. It’s Willie Nelson’s favourite strain – of course he was honoured…
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William’s Wonder Regular Seeds

William’s Wonder is an indica dominant strain first produced by the Super Sativa Seed Club. It produces dense orange buds with a nice…
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Super Silver Haze Regular Seeds

Reeferman grew out a huge number of Super Silver Haze seeds that came from the Skunkman. They outshined all other Super Silver Haze…
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Panama Red Regular Seeds

Panama Red is so called due to the red hairs it produces. It is a very similar pure strain to Colombian Punta Rojo…
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Original Haze Regular Seeds

This is the original haze from the Haze Brothers from which all haze hybrids derive. It has a strong cat piss smell and…
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Love Potion #2 Regular Seeds

Love Potion #1 is an outstanding hybrid of G-13 and Santa Marta Colombian Gold backcrossed with the original Santa Marta Colombian Gold male.…
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