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7 Months later… After moving to FL

Around 7 or so months ago I moved to Florida from NY, I even made a thread about how I quit smoking weed…
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U.S. Attorney Shutting More Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries

ReleafU.S. Attorney John Walsh issued letters this month to 10 medical marijuana access points throughout Colorado, ordering them to either shut down or…
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Los Angeles Sued Over Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ban

CrazyFunnyStupidThe medical marijuana dispensary ban in Los Angeles is scheduled to kick in on September 6, but a lawsuit and a petition drive…
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"growth patterns more suited to male plants"

Quote: Originally Posted by lalaman33333 (Post 15406757) :O even more astonishing news today 🙂 after switching to 12/12 for ONE DAY and giving…
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Why You Should Vote No On I-502

THC FinderBy Ezra EickmeyerSafe Access AllianceWashington state’s I-502 was carefully crafted to look like “responsible” cannabis legalization to the general public. Unfortunately, in…
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One More Month: LA Pot Dispensary Ban Starts September 6

LA UNFDMedical marijuana patients in Los Angeles only have one more month of safe access to cannabis before a hare-brained scheme to ban…
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