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Pictures on instagram

Hello, I just created a instagram account, and are curious about uploading weed pictures to it. Is it safe to upload pictures of…
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sup buds (lol get it)… any body from new york?

sup guys ive been smoking for 5 months and i finally decided to make an account. ive recently been looking for new stoner…
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Two accounts with same IP?

Sup blades, My older brother wants to make an account on GC, but we want to find out first if having two people’s…
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Hello from ontario

Been browsing the forums for awhile now, as a guest. Finally decided to make an account and contribute to the GC community Via…
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First thread

I have been reading tips and recipes from this website for a while and just made an account for when my grow starts.…
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Important question, tho i’m no begenner :P

Hey folks i’ve used the site back in the day when i used to grow a lot. i grew chocolope haze but forgot…
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