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Enjoying the Little Things

This afternoon I had the most fun I’ve had in quite a while and all I did was play fetch and chasies with…
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Need help with OG13, Blueberry, LSD, and Tangerine Dream

Good afternoon fellow tokers. I have an odor issue. I am currently vegging OG13, blueberry, LSD, and Tangerine Dream. I just recently harvested…
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Marijuana Legalization Makes Oregon Ballot

Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of HempLate Friday afternoon, the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office certified Initiative 9, the Oregon Cannabis Tax…
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help and advice wanted please

afternoon ppl, im new on here an would like some advice please. I have 3 plants at 3wks and 2days old but i…
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Breaking: Marijuana DUI Bill Fails Again In Colorado

Timothy TiptonThe Colorado Senate on Tuesday afternoon killed a marijuana DUI billA marijuana DUI bill early Tuesday afternoon failed again to clear the…
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Marijuana Driving Bill Approved By Colorado Senate

Weed PostsA bill establishing a THC blood limit for drivers, after first having appeared to die on the Colorado Senate floor, was called…
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