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my new grow room and first grow… Easy Ryder

Hi all, welcome to my first grow… I read lot’s of great stuff on this site and designed my own grow room in…
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Cabinet Design Help — Air intake.

Hi everyone, I’m in the middle of designing and building my grow cabinet, and I could use a little input from other growers…
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Plants Dieing need advice

I dont know if I should give up or keep putting time and money in these. This is my 4th grow from same…
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New 2000 Watt Apartment Grow

Ok so… first grow here, in an apartment where the landlord pays utilities… Hopefully uh no bad juju there. Actually that’s a little…
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30 Gallon Rubbermaid CFL Bagseeds (Organic)

Hey GC, this isn’t my first grow but I’ve never actually been successful so it would be the first time I’ve gotten something…
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Super Lemon Haze – 400W HPS/MH – rDWC – Lucas Method

Hello, GC! Welcome back for my second grow journal. The majority of the equipment remains the same, just made modifications to my system…
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