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Free weed!!

Get to Denver! (only registered users can se the link, login or register) This is in protest of proposed %30 tax of mj.…
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Glass on Glass Trouble

Bartered my way into a new glass on glass piece. I can’t remember the exact hows or whys, but we wanted to use…
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7 months sober (or Jan 1st to now) For now this is strictly an alcohol thing as I’ve found some peace in marijuana.…
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Pop princess Miley Cyrus professes love for pot

Marijuana is safer than alcohol. It’s an idea so easy to understand, that even vapid pop music stars understand it. Mile Cyrus, famous…
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Too stoned from cold tincture!

The weirdest thing has happened to me today. I have this tincture which I have stored for about 5-6 months, and which I…
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Beer Myth Busted (Canada vs the States)

Today I solved the myth of why Canadian beers are said to be stronger, by Canadians. It’s not unfounded though: According to the…
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