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DIY tent cooler no AC needed

I have used a heater core, a already existing chiller, water pump of 300 GPH, and 6 inch fan 250 CFM I think.…
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My first outdoor grow! :D

Hello everyone here at GC! Today will be the start of my first outdoor grow. I have a bunch of bag seeds that…
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Quick help!!

is there another substitute for aluminum foil cause im out, i wanna make a quick firecracker before i head out to school please?Via…
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New Grower

hi im new to growing and this is my first attempt ever. i have the seeds in germination stages now trying to get…
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How do i make hash?

Like i made keif put it in aluminum foil and put it under my heel in my shoe ive been riding passenger for…
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Aluminum Grinders

So, I have an aluminum sharpstone grinder. Bought it about 3 months ago. Lately after I smoke my throat and chest are really…
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