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Doing what you came here to do

Lets talk about it. I dont mean in terms of profession. I mean are you living the life that you are meant to…
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Crap LSU report lies about link between anxiety and marijuana addiction

The Baton Rouge Advocate doesn’t seem to care much about reality. Reporter Ellyn Couvillion’s post today on an ongoing study at Louisiana State…
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Dodge city

so, I have ended up in dodge city kansas, after living in washington for the past 3 years(where its legal) & california for…
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The First Time Smoking In A Group

So, this is like middle of 09, and my boy calls me and ask me if i wanted to chill because he was…
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Social anxiety

I used to have badd social anxiety, and smoking bud didn’t make a difference. What I did to cure social anxiety is I…
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Fighting anxiety well I am high?

It has been about a month since i started smoking the ganja and I noticed for the first week of smoking i had…
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