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If You Have No Insurance Do You Have to Pay Upfront For A Physical?

I got hired for a new job, and I’m suppose to start next Monday, the 24th. This week I need to get a…
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My throat burns when I smoke

I posted this in r/trees yesterday but didn’t get a lot of help. So every time I smoke lately, it burns my throat…
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Question about dispensaries

Would like to start by saying I don’t believe that this breaks any rules and if it does please delete it. I don’t…
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Anybody know wen/if missouri will be green:smoke: Via (only registered users can se the link, login or register)
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Voice changes when your high?

So I’ve noticed everytime I get high my speech sounds different. Its got a different tone and its really slow (<< of course).…
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Anybody watch "Ideal" on netflix?

This show on Netflix called “Ideal” about a small time weed dealer, I found it pretty funny and enjoyable! Great to watch high…
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