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Sons of Anarchy S5

yes I know there was a thread already.. Our sites search function is terrible. Anyways, what a great way to start the season…
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PC Xfire

I hope you all know what Xfire is otherwise your not a true PC Gamer LAWLZ!! Anyways basically it is like MSN for…
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My thoughts about racism!

That is so incredibly unorthodox. I am not a racist. I am the opposite of that!:wave: Anyways, for people who are racists, question…
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Is it possible for oil/electricity/food/water to run out?

Well it got me thinking.. our lifestyle is so great compared to less fortunate countries.. I mean we aren’t the greatest country in…
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Back to my roots

:dance013: Lol…oooohhhkkkkayyyy. So , its kinda been a while and I started a journal that I never finished, my last time, that sucked…
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Tourettes Cured

Hey guys I just wanted to say this as this backs up some medical claims. When I was 7 I was diagnosed with…
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