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Outdoor Flowering HELP!

Hey blades, I have an outdoor plant that I just acquired which has only been fed twice since April but it has battled…
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started in april, going strong in august

ive posted pics here before but i got paranoid and deleted them anyways theyre much bigger now the biggest one is almost as…
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WTF is up with G13 Haze?

😡 Sheesh, this is my SECOND grow of this mother f’er and I cannot get these plants to flower worth a crap. These…
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First time grow in cabinet with CFL’s

Hey GC! So I have been reading so much on here and other forums that I decided it was time to try and…
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Oregon Cannabis Tax Act Makes Early Turn-In Of Signatures

OCTA 2012The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012 initiative petition on Friday turned in 27,401 signatures from the month of April, exceeding the minimum…
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help I’m stumped

here are some pictures of my plants almost a month into flowering started on april 11th they are some blue hash and some…
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