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If You Have No Insurance Do You Have to Pay Upfront For A Physical?

I got hired for a new job, and I’m suppose to start next Monday, the 24th. This week I need to get a…
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Re: How can a peson make so many incorect statements and still get to write a book

Hey Dirty,you think that crew that's running your state will get reelected? Is the average  Michigan voter going for this stuff?Via (only registered…
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Too good with my fingers?!

Ok so my girl who ive been seeing for about a month now wants to wait to have sex. Now im not a…
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How much does a plant produce on average?

Hoe much does your typical plant produce on average?Via (only registered users can se the link, login or register)
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Virtual Sun Hydroponics

Can anyone tell me anything about Virtual Sun 600w MH/HPS Dimmable Digital with 6" enclosed cooling hood? Also, any opinions on the MH…
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How long does THC really stay in your system?

Ok, I’ve heard the whole deal of THC staying in your system for 30 day on average. Because im on drug testing would…
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