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Is res bad for you?

So lately I’ve been smoking a little more res than usual, I kinda gather it all up make it Into a ball before…
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Suggestions for workout music based on these songs?

I was looking through the rock and metal threads but couldn’t really fnd what I was looking for so I was wondering if…
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do u remember wen

does anyone remember all the resin we used to get..afghan black..cashmere…red leb…blonde leb…slate morrocan…zero zero…templal ball… sputnik….these days we can only get afghan…
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male clones showing female preflowers.wtf

Well i started a little closet grow with two plants,blue mystic (fem) and a white skunk(reg).both plants in veg gained height and with…
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I’d like to hear some pro oppinions about these pre-flowers They look male to me , but since theres still only one "ball"…
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Getting resin out of percolators

2 ft Kaos with 2 4 arm tree percs. just wondering how could i get this HUGE resin ball out of the bottom…
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