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Just had a DMT hit in my dream?

Today I just had a DMT hit while dreaming (if your not familiar with DMT hit, its basically something your mind releases during…
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for years i needed a way to escape the typical highschool drama that we become involved in. but since i graduated and held…
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What should I do? Important, I need advice.

This is pretty long but I ask for your patience and to read through this as I really need advice. :confused: This is…
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Need help asap – need to make a decision in 3 hours

Hi dudes. I am a long term spliff smoker (3 years i have been having 2 a night before bed ) including tobbacco.…
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Your favorite part of the day.

Everyone has a favorite part of the day if they go through a routine on a day to day basis. For me it’s…
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Sick from vaping oil

I usually vape sativas. I like that light trippy sort of high. The other day I vaped some oil using an eclipse. Afterwards…
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