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GreenLobster’s Grow 2012-

Hello all! In the coming days I will begin my first outdoor guerilla grow. As some may know I already have an Auto…
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Blue mystic – 250w HPS (My first grow)

Hey, I finally got everything set-up and got everything i need (or so i think) probably gonna need to complete the set-up but…
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Chlorosis/Necrosis Help!

Older foliage showing chlorosis and necrosis showing in small patches, this is coming from the outside of the leaves and working its way…
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Yellowing leaves!!!!

hi guys, just started my 1st grow, sowed seeds on 7th feb, kept them under cfl’s and a 100w halo, then on sat…
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1200w Multi Strain continuous Grow, Gotta love weed right?

Hey GC Gonna start another journal seeing as theres alot running here 😀 Gonna jump straight into it, its a continuous grow, with…
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Indoor Growing : Soil Ph..

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: Soil Ph..Posted: 13November2011 at 19:25 ok so my mate is growing in…
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