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Totally Fucking The System At Work

I work as a cashier at a department store. As a requirement we have to get customers to sign up for credit cards…
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So my ex

Just talked to her yesterday. The past couple weeks or whatever, we’ve been kind a talkin. I accidently responded to her when she…
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Sometimes a guy needs a BJ

Sometimes a guy just need a girl to walk up, blow him and let him go to sleep with no guilt feelings. It…
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Amber Cole?

I guess it was some girl giving this guy a bj behind school and theres a video of it online somewhere…i don’t know…
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Stoners: Need you to help me pick a girl?

Well i’ve been lurking. Never really had anything to post. But for some reason i can’t get this other girl off my mind.…
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How the war on terror helped Israel.

A lot of people have made observations like this before. But I was reading some news today and really am amazed by the…
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