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2nd Grow, HerojuanaOG, SinCitySeeds, and TGa..

OK Time to start journaling.Im prolly going to be longwinded, bear with me.My 1st grow was under all T5s and I did OK,…
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ppm,tds-3,Lucas Formulae??

High All, I have a question about ppm and the Lucas Formulae… Here it goes…. my water is ph 8.0, 135ppm, and when…
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10wk cycle Coco Coir MultiRoom Multistrain

Method 4wk Veg, 6wk Bloom, 1wk Flush Hindu Kush, Ghost OG, Cherry Pie, Rocky Mountain Kush, HoneyBee Clone in Rockwell cubes, Transfer 1gal…
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Stunted Plants, No access to quality mediums…start over? Keep trying?

Ok I have 4 ~20 day old plants. I started with around 1 They were started in miracle grow potting soil and started…
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Outdoor Grow Diaries : Greenhouse Grow: WL White Widow and White ICE

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: Greenhouse Grow: WL White Widow and White ICEPosted: 15September2012 at 16:37 Well…
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Fox farm expert pack tiger big bloom grow open sesame cha ching beastie bloomz

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