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how exactly does it work with medical marijuana?

Well, I got some health issues that really disappear after usage of marijuana even if bad quality. (I do not use it medicaly…
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Green Autumn: Marching For Marijuana In Brazil

Paula Rafiza/Canna CerradoMarijuana March, Braslia, Brazil, 2011Editor’s note: Brazilian activist Sergio Vidal, a good friend of Toke of the Town, is the author…
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Brazil Holds Its First Cannabis Cup

Cadu Oliveira/Hempado The prizes Bud de Ouro (Gold Bud) and Flor Absoluta (Absolute Flower) went to an Ice from the Brazilian grower F.B.The…
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Heartbreaking news

Hey blades, i feel like my heart broke in a lot of pieces, my mother just told me that, this girl who i…
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BoroM: CFL Grow Cab

Soil: Organic MixLights: ~160 Watts of CFLSStrains: (1) Paradise Seeds Acid Fem., (1) KC Brains Brazil x KC Fem., and 2 bagseeds Currently…
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Miss Universe 2011 Streaming

If you are a beauty lover then you can watch Miss universe online on this wonderful streaming site,this event will be aired on…
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