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my buddy made a nail out of stainless steel

…and thinks its completely OK to use. he’s a welder and is convinced there’s no harm in this. now I didn’t have a…
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Veg Time Question..?

Hey guys. I have 17 plants under a sunblaze 48, three sunblaze 21’s and 120 watts of CFLs, all adding up to a…
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I can choose from a ton of strains

Okay so I asked my dealer if he could get me som specific strains, and he said I can send you the list…
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ERSB info please

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: ERSB info pleasePosted: 26July2012 at 16:16 Hey g really appreciate the links…
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New HiSi set up

So I just picked up this new HiSi and the headshop guy taught my buddy and I about oils and concentrates, so we…
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Share your crazy munchie recipes

Hey guys, me and my buddy have started up a website where you can share your crazy munchie recipes so other stoners can…
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