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starting out

Hi, I’m quite new to this starting out with a hashplant haze and some random seeds I found floating around currently have 2…
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Bulk Soil Mix… Any suggestions?

I’m trying to save a couple bucks by mixing my own soil at the nursery this year. They sell premixed "garden or nursery…
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good grow box for beginning growers

We have not grown previously and are trying to find out what a good type of grow box would be for beginners? The…
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Difference between WD Caviar Green HDD and WD Caviar Black HDD

So I’m looking at some harddrives and I’m having a hard time figuring out what the difference is between these two drives, apart…
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Bulk Isopropyl Alcohol

I clean my pieces basically every night after I smoke, therefore I am going through alcohol like no other and I’m tired of…
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When to start cutting

SO for those of you who don’t know I have been bulking for 6 months now. Im 6’2, started at 145lbs and now…
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