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Anyone know about these incense?

Well I’m from a small town so it’s very hard to get actual marijuana so I wanted to know if anyone has any…
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Weird smell from stone pipe

So, a few months ago, I go into my LHS and see a cool little pipe for about $5. I ask him if…
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Burning pubes

So my friends and I are smoking and one keeps burning his pubes. Nasty yet hilarious.Via (only registered users can se the link,…
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Can you vape stems?

I know that if you smoke stems you will usually get a pretty bad headache and it is generally not worth it. but…
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smokeable types of tea?

I have an abundance of hash and am tired of having to use tobacco if i want to smoke a joint. Is there…
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PC Pirates of the Burning Sea

I played as French on whatever server is left. Cool game. Any blades out there playing this game? I’m thinking of coming back,…
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