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AC’s Cabinet Grow

Good Morning Everyone! This is my cabinet grow that has gone through a few changes! I have waited for years to have my…
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Can someone confirm this setup will work?

I’ve currently just redesigned my grow box from a closet to a hollowed out filing cabinet. The cabinet is about waste height and…
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Cabinet Design Help — Air intake.

Hi everyone, I’m in the middle of designing and building my grow cabinet, and I could use a little input from other growers…
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Duct fan… LOUD!

Hey all, long time lurker and rare poster asking for my fellow blade’s advice, I installed a 4" duct fan in my cabinet…
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How short can a SOG Cabinet be?

Hi guys, I was thinking about lofting my bed and setting up a 3.5’x6′ SOG with a small cloning room in the walk…
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Suggestions for grow cabinet?

I am wanting to buy a prefabricated cabinet for setting up a box to flower in. Does anyone know of a good cabinet…
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