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KC Brains – California Special – Sativa Pheno

I was growing a reg Pack of KC Brains Holland – California Special. I keep one of these and found out that this…
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CA Supreme Court Dismisses Case Against City Regulation of Medical Marijuana

Citizens For Patient RightsThe California Supreme Court has dismissed the case of Pack v. Long Beach, in which an appellate court had ruled…
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CA Supreme Court Throws Out Marijuana Dispensary Ban Case

THC FinderHigh Court prohibits municipalities from using Pack v. City of Long Beach to ban dispensariesThe California Supreme Court dismissed review on Wednesday…
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central cali auto grow still possible.

hello guys. This is my first post. i like reading all the awesome info on the site and didnt ever want to ask…
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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Are Legal: California Court

The Weed BusinessCourt of Appeal Rejects Municipal Dispensary BansCity of Los Angeles will soon vote on whether to enact an outright ban similar…
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soon to be perpetual grow: multiple strains in coco

Hello everyone! I’ve been lurking for a while now and decided to start a small journal for my personal grow that I started…
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