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new to growing after many years

hi I have 3 amnesia haze growing at moment and feeding the canna coco part 2 A+B 40ml each per 10l water, I…
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First grow. Barneys lsd, 250 watt cfl. Coco coir.

Hey:wave:, Im doing my first ever grow and decided to keep a journal. I spend most my days looking information up anyway:D. I…
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Quick question bout canna nutes

I am using the canna coco a and b for the first time. I am just about to switch my ladies to bud…
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Twisted Leaves

Any ideas why the leaves on my 7 day old sprouts are so twisted. Medium: Canna Coco Temp: approx. 70 degrees Nutes: Canna…
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First Indoor Grow (400w, coco, multistrain)

Hello GC!:wave: First off I’ve got to say that GrassCity is one of the finest sites out there, it’s got the chillest people…
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THC Bomb [feminized] in Coco

Just started my first coco grow so I thought I’d keep a journal for anyone interested. Seeds are feminized THC Bomb, medium is…
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