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Samuel L. Jackson Cannabutter with AVB

Hey blades I have been doing some searching for cannabutter with avb and came across this shit that had me laughing my ass…
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What should my vaped bud look like after a vaping?

So, fired up my first vape for the first time last night with my wife and brother in law. Got us roasted on…
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Does making cannabutter this way work?

So I read that putting some ground up weed in a thermos, melting some butter, then putting the hot, liquid butter into the…
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Do i have to bake it into brownies or cookies, or can i just swallow a slice of butter? Stupid question, i knowVia…
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Sugar Cookies help

i baked sugar cookies using half a cup of cannabutter and 1 egg and baked at 350 degrees like it said on the…
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Uhoh.. Help please!

I made some cannabutter with margarine, and i let it cool to room tempature, but its still a liquid? Is this normal or…
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