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If You’re Going To Smoke, Please Not Tobacco [Infographic]

Created by: OnlineNursingPrograms.com Just because marijuana doesn’t hurt your lungs (and the latest 20-year study shows that not only does it not damage…
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New logo roor

Hey new to the forum, just wanted to ask if the new series roors are different in measurement. The reason I ask is…
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Apple did me a solid

Last month I found out they had issued a recall on my ancient, scratched to hell, 4GB 1st gen ipod nano, for a…
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Smokers’ lounge : Bad news!

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: Bad news!Posted: 11January2012 at 14:35 Well, the unthinkable has finally happened. This…
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Pot Smoking Not Linked To Breathing Problems; May Help Lungs

?20-Year Study Finds No Decline In Lung Function For Occasional Cannabis Smokers; Lung Function Of Most Marijuana Smokers Improves Over TimeOften, when people…
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need some urgent bong help

In all honesty i havent been smoking for very long and never fully understood the bong. i was taught by someone who thinks…
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