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Why I refuse to take part in this Kony deal..

Good cause, but another company manipulating the system. Original: (only registered users can se the link, login or register) Quote: Is Joseph Kony…
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Im looking for a certain JPEG

It was like a circle style graph which showed politicians who are also ceo’s or high up in the corporations.Via (only registered users…
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ASA: dr dope connection

Dave Watson, CEO of hortipharm In the annals of medical-marijuana history, it was a significant moment: In June 1998, British regulators granted GW…
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question about molasses ?????

i’m growing in a rubbermaid tub, just bubbling the water with a air pump. i’m using dnf ferts. i was using general nutes…
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CYPRESS HILL SMOKEOUT 2012MUSIC FESTIVAL & MEDICAL MARIJUANA EXPO March 3 / 2012 (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Via…
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Cannabinoid Patent Exclusivity Only Applies To One Condition

?Exclusive Interview: Dean Petkanas, CEO, KannaLife(The Company Just Awarded An Exclusive Cannabinoid License By The Federal Government)The exclusive rights to apply the cannabinoids…
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