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Earl Sweatshirt … *GASP*

Earl Sweatshirt’s return to rap was publicised as if he would have been able to revive the dying rap game and carry what…
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So i left my window open

Left it open after i was done baking no sike i went to get some honey comb cereal and wen i gotback there…
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Eating while stoned, :).

If you haven’t already; you’ve got to try this Next time you get stoned and get the munchies, grab your favorite food (mines…
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whats your favorite kinds of munchies?? mines are almost any good cereal, toast, yogurt, and green grapes! lolVia (only registered users can se…
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Stop asking for taxation of weed

It bothers me that in many people who want weed legalized also want it taxed like tobacco and alcohol. Alcohol and tobacco are…
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Why do stoners like cereal

I’ve noticed I love cereal when I’m blazed and I also noticed that every other person on this site does too but why?…
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