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New to scrog growing

Hello i am new to growing in genral, but i got a few quwations. I am currently building a grow box with about…
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no one can beat our hommade b0ng!

Me n my buddy built this monster/beauty and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one comparable. -2 chamber. -visible 4 tube tree perc.(connects…
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Ventilation / Cab setup Q (did my research first!)

Hey guys :wave: so I’m building my first grow cab! I’ve done a good bit of research into this whole deal, but I…
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Best rap group

Which group do you guys think is the best wu tang is my choice (only registered users can se the link, login or…
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Writing while high?

I’ve always wanted to get down to writing but never had the motivation, last night i got exceptionally baked and it was even…
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most controversial bubbler question

do more chamberz equal better filtration or more rip? answer: you can have 50 chambers and the filtration will be the same as…
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