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A question on Hortilux bulbs

Are Hortilux Eye bulbs compatible with magnetic ballasts? I apologize if this question has been asked. I did do a search but was…
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First Time Grower ~unique cabinet from goodwill~ MANY QUESTIONS!!

I know this is said every day on here but this is my first time growing now that i got my med card…
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weighted pull ups/chin ups

I just wanted to let people know what a great exercise I think it is. If you have that Iron Gym thing for…
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Handful of Q’s: Grow tent, Grow kits, seed storage/lifetime, plant size, potency

So. Newbie-newb is asking some questions. 1: I am pretty bad at construction, and some of the finer details of lights send my…
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Scientific glass help please

Hey, guy’s I have a predicament. I moved in with my grandparents recently for a temporary spot to make my commute to work…
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