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we about to bring mother fucking freedom to another country boys

Sorry Syrian civilians but your lives are worth the price of FREEDOMVia (only registered users can se the link, login or register)
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DEA Involved In Killings Of Innocent Civilians In Honduras

Phantom ReportU.S. DEA agents were involved in the shooting deaths of four innocent people, including two pregnant women, and the injury of at…
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Bush?s Terror War and the Fixing of Intelligence – "Accidental & Deliberate"

‎"This essay will demonstrate that before 9/11 a small element inside the CIA?s Bin Laden Unit and related agencies, the so-called Alec Station…
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Gorilla Glue in Bubbler?

What up grasscity civilians, I’ve got a problem. Just bought a nice bubbler with some friends that turned out to be partially defective.…
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