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MORE ROOTS = MORE FRUITS! – Part One: Mother Nature Friend and Foe!!

Top end growth may well be your ultimate goal, but don’t neglect the foundations that your plants are built on. Concentrate on adeveloping…
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This issue we put the spotlight on a method that is simple to set up and produces results so good that it is…
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Critical x W.Widox from Free Tibet

These new seeds were for testing. The parents were Critical from Royal Queen Seeds and W.Widow x Free Tibet from So7omon Seeds.The seeds…
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Black Jack – Sweet Seeds

The Black Jack seeds came courtesy of Soft Secrets. Because they were femini­zed we sowed x2 into cell trays of soil and watered…
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Mis-grow becomes top harvest – Monster NLX on coco

Better and better, it just keeps on getting better and that’s just how it should be. Whether it is experience or luck or…
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Skunk 11 Growreport – the coffee shop classic with the unbeatably sweet high! Cannabis

Whereas in the previous article I was primarily focussing on the first period of the grow cycle of Skunk 11, in this issue…
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