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I’ve been thinking for awhile about genetics and consciousness.

So we all know we get half our genetic information from each parent… Say your dad never had kids with your mom, but…
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Hinduism and Hare Krishna

2 part thread. Basically just seeking your opinions in both parts. first. Hinduism. the religion in general, what do you think of it?…
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Going On Retreat

Something will all need to do, but very few ever get to experience. Anyone could if they wanted to, but most choose other…
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The Hedonistic Imperative

Do you think it is or will be possible to create a state in waking life where humans are absolutely content.. though the…
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Global Culture: A Reminder Of The Power Of Your Consciousness

When we think of the world, it can seem so large that we feel miniscule and irrelevant. When we think of the pervasiveness…
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A God-shaped whole

What is pleasure? The firing of the brain’s neurotransmitters as a result of physical or psychological stimulus. The production of chemical compounds that…
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