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Tamisium Extractor – help with end product

well I got the Tamisium TE175 super deluxe extractor, so far I have had much better results then friends who use the normal…
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First grow tips/advice

I am currently waiting on my 7-9 seeds to germinate using the paper towel method. I will be using very moist and clumpy…
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MFLB Grinding Method

Hey guys so I wasn’t too sure which section this belonged in but this one fit the most appropriately in my opinion. So…
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Making earwax/honey oil/thc oil/concentrate

i appologize if this is posted in the wrong section. seemed to adequetly fit the description of this forum sub-category. anyways, i’m interested…
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What did i just buy?

Hey guys, picked up a fiver about an hour ago, came home and was not pleased with what i found. The weed almost…
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MFLB Grinder

Hey guys, So the 4 piece grinder that I received free in my package with the mflb doesnt get my bud as ground…
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