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Container suggestions?

:smoke: I looking for some container type and size recommendations? I am going to be using a 4’x4′ tent, considering 4-6 plants per…
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Dry Leaves, curling and, lighter color, Have Pics

Hey guys, this plant is currently in a 1gallon container. I know its very small and within the next day or two I…
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Seedlings look weak!!!

Hey erryone just started my second outdoor grow, the majority of my seedlings look strong and stern with no bend in the stem.…
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Container organic gardening

Hi,:wave: I have been lurking for a while now and have read all the stickies but have not seen my one concern addressed.…
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Mold Question

I’m keeping about 3gs of bud in those plastic pill bottle containers from the dispensary since I’m on a break from smoking right…
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BAD Ass hook UP 4 free(noname)

My gf bff has a grower bf.. said she her friendly took it from a rubber maid container that was full of this.…
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