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Study shows more kids experimenting and overdosing on prescription pills

Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital recently conducted a study to determine the correlation between the rise in the number of adults on prescription…
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All Arabs are angry terrorists with mustachios

Is it okay to make a movie demonizing jews? blacks? no. But we see all kinds of movies and films that show all…
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Frack You !

(only registered users can se the link, login or register) In a surprising turn of events, Cuadrilla Resources, a British energy company, recently…
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Harvard: Cognitive damage from cannabis use reversible

(only registered users can se the link, login or register) This is a subject I have been fascinated with for a long time.…
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Can You Tell If a Person is Attractive based on Voice?

We can tell certain things about someone based on their voice such as their age, foreign, ethnic background, education-level, extrovert/introvert, etc. I think…
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Harvesting – Drying and Curing – Cannabis & Marijuana

In this is issue of Soft Secrets we are going to take a closer look at Harvesting, Drying, and Curing. The aftercare of…
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