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mixed grow/ rugburn og, tahoe triangle,strawberry cough, the ox, and special queen

ok i am running a 4×8 room with 2k hps with open reflector hoods. i have an air conditioner that runs continuously as…
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My throat burns when I smoke

I posted this in r/trees yesterday but didn’t get a lot of help. So every time I smoke lately, it burns my throat…
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So much more to music than you think

Well, I was listening to A.D.H.D. by Kendrick Lamar. And I feel like every line has its own special meaning that you actually…
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Coughing up BLOOD?!

Hey blades, so almost a week ago I wrote a post about how I smoked some shitty 1 year old grinded weed that…
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S.F. Marijuana Collective Offers Volcano Vaporizer Rentals

Vaporizers FTWIn an innovation sure to please patients who can’t afford to, well, cough up almost $700 for a Volcano vaporizer, one San…
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sprouted in 2 days!!

SWIM *snickers* 😉 has popped a bunch of mids seeds into some old soil he stirred up and took all the crap, mold,green…
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