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Suicidal ideation on hallucinogens

So a couple weeks ago I took 7.5 grams of dried mushrooms, dove inside myself and I hit bottom emotionally. I ended up…
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UFO Disclosure by Canadian Defense Minister

Anyone get to see this? A couple weeks old but just watched it today. (only registered users can se the link, login or…
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Did Tough Mudder today

The weather was terrible. A blizzard almost after a couple weeks of shorts weather. Rediculous. Especially considering your wet the whole time and…
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His has not ben a good week for me and am wondering if GC could help put me in the right direction !…
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Over or under fertilization. Please help!!!

Hello Gc. I have a group have clones who have been rooted for a couple weeks now. After they rooted I started feeding…
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Facing 5-7 Years Best Night Of my LIFE!

Alright so the story starts out on the 4th of july. My boy was "trappin" (dont really know what to call it lol)…
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