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Possibly fake weed??

Ok so I’ve been buying larger amounts of weed the past two months or so then I used to and at least 5…
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Ice Bubble Bag Hash – Is This Enough Weed?

Hey, guys. Not to advertise what I do for a living, but I have been saving quallity hash material for the past few…
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Master Kush Review.

Used to mids in Eastern Indiana, I was very pleased when the stanky danky started rolling through town. The first strain I got…
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Help needed…..

Hey guys. I love almost everything about weed. I wanna make money off it. It’s not like I need the money, i just…
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Purple Diesel First Time Grow

I started budding the purple diesel on march 20th, within the past few days I noticed popcorn buds and a a few hairs.…
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Strawberry Diesel

I bought half an ounce of Strawberry Diesel. Its Strawberry Cough x Sour-D. The name is appropriate for this bud because it smells…
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