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an ameoba based economy wouldnt work

because say i got paid 7 ameobas/hr so like when these dudes split in half, id get 14 ameobas, then 28, and so…
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Has weed changed you?

Hey folks, looking for a bit of insight from the seasoned tokers. Over the last year I’ve been toking my personality has changed…
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Awesome Video Explaining Currency System

(only registered users can se the link, login or register) This video is pretty informative and easy to understand; I’ve showed this to…
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You Hate Obama

You hate Obama, and want him to have no chance at re-election. You hated Bush II for everything he did. You hated Clinton…
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Black-out Stories thread

:hello: I want to hear about the craziest nights your friends had to remind you about the next day after drinking a bit…
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help needed willing to split 5.3 million down the middle

help need my friend inherited a large sum of money from uncle in Belgium which is exactly 5.3 million and wants help investing…
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