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Indoor blue dream grow 400watt swtchble

Hey I’m a little late on gettin this post up but these are my two young ladies that are about four or five…
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Michigan Pounds

This is ~2 pounds all together, I dont really remember how much was here when I took the picture. About 1.25 pounds of…
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How to get a legit Marijuana card in Seattle

I just turned 18 last month and i wanted to go to seattle to get my card. I filled out a form online…
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Just found this dealer on ef’n craigslist with some super danks. Heres a quarter of sensi star (80$) :smoke: Here you can see…
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Need help :'(

See guys, I live in nyc. Bronx specifically. out here weed is of abundance. We have sour ( sour diesel) , Mango kush,…
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Is this dank I really don’t know but I’m curious?? And I would be eternally grateful to know Attached Images (only registered users…
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