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Too many fingers

My boyfriend and I are growing indoors. We have 5 plants that are 3 months old. They have been on constant light until…
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Sweet Seeds 1st Diary Competition

An amazing contest that took the 3 winners to Amsterdam, where they received their trophies at the 2010 Highlife Cup In a singular…
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Special Sativa Strain Report

Sour Diesel: As with a countless number of other strains, there are many differing accounts about how exactly this strain came about. The…
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Mis-grow becomes top harvest – Monster NLX on coco

Better and better, it just keeps on getting better and that’s just how it should be. Whether it is experience or luck or…
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Royal Automatic is a feminised auto flowering variety from Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Automatic is a feminised’auto flowering’ variety from Royal Queen Seeds, and this report covers the staggeringly fast grow/ bloom period of this…
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White Russian (Feminized) – Serious Seeds – Row Report

For as long as I can remember (which these days isn’t very long), there have been attempts to come up with a perfect…
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